Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello, My name is Buddha's Mom and I am a bad blogger

Where in the heck do the days go?
OK, I have I have a funny story that happened today.
My Dish Network went out again 3 days ago. Yes, I have been without TV for 3's un-heard of around here.
Anyway the guy shows up this morning and he's in his early 20's. He sounds like he's from Russia or somewhere there abouts and he can't speak very good English yet. He's a little on the adorable side too...should that matter? No, not unless your a mean ole SAHM like me.
So Russian dude comes in and takes his boots off at the door... (I think I love him!) and says "What seems to be you problem with you TV?
Me... "I don't have TV".
Russian dude... "Where is your dish Ma'am?"
Me..."Up on the left side of the house..over can get to it by going through my
bedroom window."
Russian dude...(all squirmy and terrified looking) uhm...ok...uhmm, OK Ma'am I will go to your bedroom." He was terrified!
Me..."Would you like some coffee or a soda?"
Russian dude..."Gulp..No thank you Ma'am."
Me..."Well, if you would rather you could use a ladder from the front porch too."
Russian dude...(very relieved) "OH! OK OK that's what I will do Ma'am!!"
Poor handsome little Russian dude thought he was going to get raped by probably another SAHM. Bwhahahahha
Sadly that's where my story ends!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you acidic or alkali?

Have you seen these yet?
I discovered these over at Ashley's Closet.
I took my test yesterday and I am slightly acidic and I should pay attention to what I eat.
Well Duh!
No seriously, it says if you are too acidic it could interfere with your weight loss. I'm all about the ever eluding weight loss. I did hubby, both kids and Buddha. Buddha was quite willing to take my little test. The kids and Buddha are in good shape. Hubby and I need to possibly quit drinking diet Pepsi :(
I have to investigate more before I do something so drastic.
It has rained alllllll night....on top of our 3 foot of snow....messy messy.
This is a huge block of snow that is sliding off of my roof.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It came back positive!

It's official...I'm gonna be an alpaca nanny (?) mommy (?) grandma (? shut up) somewhere around June 21st. En Vogues pregnancy test came back positive.
Happy dances for Vogue!
She was bred to this guy...
The Alpaca, Camelot...not Justin ;)
So I'm thinking...the baby will beeeee... white!
Whites are not my favorite but their fleece is in higher demand because you can dye it any color you choose. Bummer thing is the alpacas carry their baby's for 11 months, acckkkk I don't think I can wait 5 more months. It was like torture waiting 6 months to find out if she was even pregnant. Yes! I was a mess when I was pregnant myself. I have the patience of a 2 year old and it does not do me well.
More good news!
I finalized the deal last night to get Ronda and Baby Cakes bred to this guy in March...He resides in New York but he is making a trip to Denver just to meet Ronda and Baby...oooo la la
Isn't he handsome?
And then, as if the waiting wasn't bad enough...I will get En Vogue
(it seems barbaric to me, but you re-breed them 3 weeks after they give birth??)
and Rita bred to this guy, we hope. He hasn't made any baby's yet so we are hoping that by July he will be ready.
The younger boys...ya know...the inexperienced boys are cheaper, just like in real life lol.

He seems to be a bit on the wild side...he will fit right in around here!

Are you sick of my baby stories yet? I am so excited I have to tell someone! Hubby is sick of listening to me talk about other studs...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chi's, Tuna Casserole and alpacas

So I am at a loss today. What to blog about? Hmmm. The little Chi Chi would rather eat cake than a diet tuna casserole....I can't say as I blame him. I didn't want anyone to know that I was eating cake, but in the name of blogging nothing is sacred. Besides I started and I must have sugar...damned be the one that gets in my way! Except little Buddha...I would share my husband if he/Buddha wanted him bwhahaha.
Buddha is the subject of blogging today.

So anyway I am registering my alpacas and getting a breeder id blah blah today (did you know it cost $50 a head to register an alpaca and $125 for a breeder id? I didn't and I'm still having sticker shock). Anyway remember the caricature guy, his name is Rick, that commented on my other blog? Well he made me a logo....

What do you think? Pretty awesome right? I took 4 million pictures of my mountain and of Baby Cakes and I think he nailed it.

I am spoiling the girls today. They have been in the tiny little pen too long, so I let them out onto my yard...gasp...don't tell hubby. Well hubby will figure it out when he sees alpaca prints to hell and back in the snow. You probably can't see them out the window? I think one of the cats is teasing them.
Well hows that for an absolutely boring day?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Denver National Stock Show 2009

I went, I saw and can I just say it was nuts! The only thing I have to compare to this was Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. While these people were drinking they were not throwing beads or showing off their tata's.
They were however wearing their cowboy hats that look like they are used once a year. Their cowboy boots were brand new and stiff. Their children were enthralled by the sight of the horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and the alpacas. They had the alpacas stuck in a far away corner of the stadium, but it was well worth the hike. The huacaya alpacas look like really odd teddy bears and the children loved them.
I also fell in love while I was there. His name is Maxx. Maxx is awesome. I do believe Maxx is going to be the daddy to my babies....well at least one of my babies. I found a godsend at the stock show. She has some beautiful male suri alpacas (both of the guys that she had there, took Grand Champion in their class this year!) that will fit into my program perfectly. I went out to her farm and visited for a couple of hours. I think in those 2 hours I learned enough to feel comfortable with sending all of my girls to her. Not only does she have Maxx, she also has Aurileus, Rockstar and Snowman...and she said she would pick which herd sire would go best with my girls... sniff ....I am so happy.
She also took me into her studio.....heaven is all I can say. She has her fleece made into fabric instead of yarn. When you ran your hand across it, it felt like silk but thicker like creme de la creme as compared to milk.
I am also a lazy idiot! I didn't take my new camera. I thought it would be too heavy to pack around along with my purse and my spoiled little dog...I was right but I missed some awesome shots. Anyway I borrowed this picture from the Internet because it is of the Stock Show parade in downtown Denver this year AND it is across the street from where we stayed. If you ever get a chance to come to Denver, you have to stay at the Oxford Hotel. It is one of the oldest hotels in Denver that was built during the silver rush during the 1800's.
Very nice cozy hotel.

Photo by Nina Davidson,

OK unfortunately I have to clean up now. My house looks like a class 5 hurricane hit.

OH I almost forgot .... Yea Obama! What a day this will be!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday's Foto

Dad and Clyde

Aren't they a handsome couple?

This was taken 8 years ago at Bullhead City, Nevada.

They were not hung over or sick they just seem to look like they are. Dad was asleep and lard ass Clyde decided he wanted to nap with Dad.

Rest in peace guys. I miss you!
Head over to Candid Carries for some Friday Foto Fun!

He evicted them :(

Hell froze over yesterday!
I broke down and cleaned youngest's room, I know, I'm weak.
(I couldn't find the Buddha poo in that mess)
Upon seeing youngest's room last night, oldest declares he wants me to do his room too!
His only request is a sad one...he said to get rid of all of his stuffed animals.
Whaaaaaa boo hoo sniff, snivel.
I want my baby back!
I do not want to enter this next realm that is looming upon us.
Just so you know my dear friends I fully intend on screaming and kicking the entire way.
He did say these 2 could stay. One I gave him in the hospital after his hip surgery and the other one he has been attached to since he was a little guy, sniff OK....I feel a little better :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trigger ain't got nothin on me

Do ya think I am feeding him enough?

Is this what they mean by "A figure like Trigger"?

Florida Keys

I am going somewhere warm for Spring Break, I want to go to the Florida Keys. Can someone tell me where to stay? I have to take my dog, who is not really a dog. It has to be Tween friendly because I can't stand it when my kids stand in the middle of the motel room and whine that they are bored.

Monday, January 12, 2009

SWF Looking for long walks in the park and baby's

I have been online all weekend trying to find a boyfriend/husband for the girls. Can I just say this is going to be difficult. So many handsome little money. There was one guy that was $50,000 he was pretty but not that pretty. That would be like the movie Pretty Woman. My girls aren't rich and neither is their owner. These are some of my picks. This first one Polo Fields Brix would make beautiful baby's with Rita, but they are both a few years away from the responsibility's of parent hood lol. And then there is Pro's Caliber who is awesome and quite experienced with the ladies. I really like Suri Peaks Zakar but he is going to put a dent into the pocketbook. It is so confusing when you don't know what your looking for. Hubby is going to take me to the National Western Stock show in Denver this weekend. I am going to be sitting on the judges laps asking a million questions like a curious 4 year old. Yeah... I would probably be escorted out by security.
I found a vet from a few towns over that was willing to make a house call on a Saturday. We were trying to do a pregers test on En Vogue. En Vogue is a bitch...a really mean one. There was four of us sitting/laying/pushing on her and we just barely got enough blood for the test. If she was pregnant she probably aborted. I really don't think she is pregnant but I am hoping!
Buddha tried to commit suicide yesterday...the dumb little shit ran into the alpaca pen like he knew what he was doing?? Honda Ronda reared up on her back feet and came down inches away from him. I had 37 heart attacks before I could catch him...he thought we were all playing with him. grrrr. I have to teach him to "come" bewwwwwaaahahaha.
I got another card from the crazy mother. She basically said that I can't change the past so I should grow up and act like an adult. I really would like to right something back but I will be the grown up in this sick little situation. The funny thing is on the back of the envelope it said "Good Letter", hubby and I both started laughing. There is no such thing as a good letter from her. I must be getting a handle on the bothered me for about 3 seconds and then I read the rest of my mail, while muttering something about being a crazy bitch.
Did you notice my wallpaper? I did it all by myself...yay me. It doesn't really match the rest of the blog...but I got it on there so I will now become Sybil the second.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My world is tilted a little to the left

I stayed up half of the night last night trying to download and learn Photoshop c4....It downloaded after an hour and a half last night. This morning I uninstalled it. I would need 2 years of training to figure that stuff out. Anyway I am a bit on the grouchy side from my little all night party with photoshop. I am telling hubby who is still home from his encounter with the dentist, that I don't know what to do with my boys. Why are they so slovenly? I wish I had a girl (I know I know, I haven't had any sleep). I'm almost in tears because of the crap all over the house...their clothes thrown where ever they drop off of their stinky bods. They leave towels all over the bathroom and Buddha poo's on them..icky. And you have heard my tales of their bedrooms. You get the idea right? I'm fed up.
My little sister calls about the time I am ready to take off running from my dirty house.
I don't know if I ever mentioned her adoption of 4 kids within 2 years. She and her husband tried for 10 years or so to have babies of their own. She finally decided to become a foster parent and wound up adopting 4 of the 6 kids that she fostered. Pretty cool story right? She calls this morning to tell me that my BIL had to move out of the house...he did something inappropriate. Uhhhmmm what? I have called her back twice in the last hour to ask her again what she just told me.
Apparently it was something that is not one but two felonies, BUT it's not bad enough for her to divorce him.
She is going to work it out. They are getting a lawyer to help them get him back in her house.
I am so confused. She started to tell me what it was that he did and I told her I didn't want to know. I am going to have to make ANOTHER phone call and ask because I am confused as shit.
This is the sister with her shit together and she wants to save her marriage to him, and the two girls that he did something inappropriate with, want him to come home...they are not afraid of him. What?
OK you get that I am confused right? Here's what I started out to tell you. My kids' rooms are a minuscule drop in the bucket compared to the world around me. Dirty smirty...that's my excuse for not cleaning up after my two male pigs today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tee Hee

I just imported all of my post from the other blog onto this blog and now I am going to delete that other blog ; you think she will find me? All 302 posts are in my list of post's, but not published. So that means they won't come up if they are googled right. Right? Right...damn it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everyone needs a little Sybil in their lives

Did you notice the wallpaper? Sybil aka Miss Marilyn was so kind as to help me put a wallpaper on the blog. Cool huh?
Speaking of anyone else sick of winter already? It snowed again and again and again and it is starting to interfere with my life. hhaha. It has to be pretty bad to interfere with my boring life.
First off I have been without Internet for 4 days...cuz that's how smart I am. I thought the snow filling up the satellite dish was messing up my connection. Nope it wasn't that.
Second off hubby has a terrible case of periodontal disease. He had to have all of his top teeth pulled and a few on the bottom. This was on Monday. He couldn't talk until last night. That's when he says "My card may have expired" (the one that pays the satellite people?) ahhahahaaaaa. So I was on the phone until 9:00 pm last night talking to some people down south. I say that because they reminded me of Tiffany on her video. I would giggle every time one of them would talk to me. I could listen to them talk all day long. So anyway that explains my MIA situation.
My kids started back to school on Tuesday, how is it possible that you get busier when you ship them off? They are not happy about the fact that they HAVE TO GO back to school. It is a good thing they went back...they were about to be absorbed by xbox. I can't complain too much I think I have WIIitis. I play the WII for awhile and then I can't move my arms for awhile. I have been walking around ouch...ouch...ouch. I guess that means I am overdoing it.

OK enough of my is a picture of Buddha herding cats. They said it couldn't be done.
Rollin, rollin, rollin...keep those kitties rollin
You can't see it in the first picture, but he has back up.
Herding kitties is hard work.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sybil has left the building!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow, snow go away, come again another day

It's a small blizzard outside. I say small because on my weatherbug, in animated mode, shows that this storm shall pass soon. Somedays weatherbug is on crack and I hope today is not one of those days.
I am having Christmas with my sister today. We live 10 miles sad is that? We had one party canceled because of a death in the family on her childrens fathers side. Did that make sense? My house is a wreck and now my road is also a wreck. Thank god sis loves me.

I have gotten several comments on my old blog that I am letting my mom win. She doesn't win. In fact this will drive her (more) insane. She hates it when she is not in the middle of everyone's business...which makes me a happy girl lol. Hey I tried to make it work and now I am tired after my 43 year lonnng fight with an insane woman that thinks she has the right to call herself a mom. I have been worrying myself sick over the fact that I do share the same gene's as her, well at least half of them. Am I going to go crazy? Somedays I can feel the crazy sneeking in around the edges of my brain. Or is that just life sneeking in? I get really confused somedays as to whether I am going insane or is the worrying and thinking about it making me insane??? I do believe that it is the thought of being like her when I am in my 60's that makes me insane. I have 20 years to think about that one and you poor souls will have to endure with me:)