Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi All...Remember me?

For those of you who didn't delete me by now...Hey! How the heck are ya?
My barn is done finally, isn't it purty?
We are still putting in electricity but the animals said they were ok w/o power and we moved them in. First thing they did was start a nice poop pile...inside the dang barn :[

I'm trying to convince the cats that they need to move in next...they ain't believing me.

This is my new herd sire Tiburon...aka Mr Tibbs.

I got this little gal in the purchase also. She is Miss Mitra.

I finally got about 39 feet of yarn spun...I will be dead before I can make a blanket!!

Buddha and his girlfriend..Toes the terminator. If Buddha was 8 inches taller we would have terminator baby's :P

I now have a 13 year old. When the hell did this happen? Look away for a minute and they are half grown..sniff.

I was trying to convince him that the smoking candles weren't hot hahaha. He didn't believe ole mom.

And what the hell was I thinking????? He loves them but still...WTH?

My youngest got an award at the end of the year. I thought it was gonna be for the biggest screw off in class. It was the presidential achievement award???????????????????????????? I hooped and hollered until I embarrassed him and then I fell out of my chair.

Because this is him in his natural state.

So there you have it. It's not much but it's all I got.