Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you acidic or alkali?

Have you seen these yet?
I discovered these over at Ashley's Closet.
I took my test yesterday and I am slightly acidic and I should pay attention to what I eat.
Well Duh!
No seriously, it says if you are too acidic it could interfere with your weight loss. I'm all about the ever eluding weight loss. I did hubby, both kids and Buddha. Buddha was quite willing to take my little test. The kids and Buddha are in good shape. Hubby and I need to possibly quit drinking diet Pepsi :(
I have to investigate more before I do something so drastic.
It has rained alllllll night....on top of our 3 foot of snow....messy messy.
This is a huge block of snow that is sliding off of my roof.


♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh that is the BIGGEST block of ice/snow geesh!!!

I have never seen those strips...

Ronda's Rants said...

I can't see the picture...I will stop by later! I have been having trouble leaving messages with bloger some times!
Good news about the pregnacy...the alpacas not yours!
Be safe...your weather does sound messy...I will stop complaining about the totally crappy weather Florida is having right now!

jill jill bo bill said...

OMG it looks like a freakin' ice chest. Here's hoping it only crashes on someone you despise so you can laugh.

Marilyn said...

Remember the movie Grumpy Old Men when they would hose each others roofs..... thats what your roof reminds me of!

I have never heard of these tests you take...

Soxy Deb said...

Haha! It really does look like the top of a cooler - funny. And holy crap its huge!
I've never heard of PH tests. Let me know how it works for ya.

dana wyzard said...

There was once a CORAL CALCIUM fad going on and I jumped on the bandwagon. (it was around 3 a.m. and I was watching infomercials with credit card in hand...just in case) and I also got the ph strips. I was as highly acidic as possible and I was guaranteed that the coral calcium would fix it within day.......I can now pee rust for 60 paces. nothing works.

amelia bedelia said...

I need to check those out! So if you are acidic, then you can't lose weight? Confused here, Again!

Z's Mom said...

That is a cool picture!

But rain on top of snow does not sound good...especially if it gets really cold and freezes. Guess you knew that though, huh?

Sorry about yours the hubby's acidity. I can just assume then I'm acidic as well.

How is Buddha? Is he acidic?

Z's Mom said...

Ok, I reread and see little Buddha man is ok too! Whew!!!

preTzel said...

You gotta stop drinking the Pepsi if you want to lose weight. Seriously. But...I did and my ass is still big so don't listen to me. :)

That snow? Yeah, we have that and are expecting more tonight. I'm cold!

Janie said...

Girl. That snow coming off your house is weird looking.

Of course, to me, snow is weird looking.

We don't have that stuff here.

Sandstorms? Yeah. Snow? Nope.

asthmagirl said...

Everything I learned in college indicates that we are all acidic with a pH range of 4.5 to 5.5. Let me know if you ever vary from the range!

That is one monster chunk of ice.

Marilyn said...

Where are you?!

Marilyn said...