Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Knee surgery

My funny little doc said sorry when I had finally had enough of the knee pain...around March 15th....I'm ready to do the surgery...funny little doc says,  "it will be three months before I can get you in", "whaa sniff snivel" is all I said, made my appt for May 29 :( and left.  Made appt with dentist, ekg, General doc in order to get ready.  Oh and set my shearing up for May 22nd!  Little doc calls and says can I move your surgery up to May 8th?  What did I say, you ask? Of course!  Before I even thought about it...  So in a month or so I will be sporting 2 new knees.

Catching up for my fiber friends

I have been to seventy million blogs, FB pages, any medium where people are showing off their fiber skills.  I am subscribing to anything that sparks a fire in my creativity...and then it hits me...what if they come to my blog to snoop around?  Oops.  Sorry my fiber friends I have not been committed to my blog like you have been.  Kinda selfish on my part.  So here are some of my fiber goodies lately (you don't want to see the earlier stuff)

This yarn didn't turn out near as cool as it was in my mind!  I should have covered the white all the way.
The scarf I made from it, did shrink in, as it looks in the pictures...I wove extra inches so I can remove them from this end of my newbie mistake!

This was soo much fun.  I do love hand painting yarn!  Glad I weave so I can use it for myself :). Watching the pattern UN fold is half the fun :)
I-Kat pattern, that's what Eva's blog called it?...

My new A series loom

My drunk zebra rug on the rug loom

My Hawaiian inspired infinetity scarf

Trying to make a few manly scarves for my etsy shop.  This is my heaviest scarf to date, I would like a coat made out of it!

This is a saddle blanket, WAS a saddle blanket, my rug yarn changed texture and so I didn't have enough for the last 6 inches.  I entered it in the suri networks symposiums hand crafted fiber art show...took first but Donna Rudd is one smart cookie, she knew it wasn't a rug.  It would be a squirmy rug.

This fiber below cracks me suri yarns are notorious for this when a storm is coming.  I don't have pictures yet but I have seen my weft yarn rise to the very tippy top of my reed almost jumping off of the beater bar.  Like it were alive and needing to leave me?  It could be completely normal but I wouldn't know because I am self taught and no weavers to visit :(  I have some friends that ask if I come from Amish background?  They look at me very strange when I ask them, how is that going to be possible if all I have are AVL looms...I need some weaving friends :)  
I follow Weaving a life religiously and I just discovered Sandra Rude.  Both are amazing women in my eyes.  I hope to be as smart and creative as they are one day.  I will never make it to their level because I didn't learn how to weave until the ripe ole age of 45 :(  I can dream of it!  I often wonder if starting on an AVL rug loom, complete with a compu-dobby and air assist, that I may have missed some key oppents in my learning?  Shhhh, the truth stinks sometimes :)  I see a pattern, put it in my weavepoint and take off weaving....should I go back and study design in more detail?  
I am consumed with suri alpaca fiber...because I have a walking humming pile of it out in my barnyard.  I want to be an expert on it.  I want to know what happens when you mix it with silk, merino, cotton??  The mills charge me $30/lb to process my fleece into yarn, I can't afford to goof up too many times.  Hubby keeps saying to experiment with cotton...I don't want to be an expert in cotton :~< 
 love ya honey :)

I just really want Molly's outlook on this alpaca weaving business!

How the hell did this happen?

He's crazier than a pet loon!  I have never had a pet loon but I'm assuming because people say it so much.

Rita having a bad hair day!  Shearer was fired!

Paid wwwaayy to much for the breeding for this little gem (Princess Ditto RockStar) I will (a herd sire will) be breeding her soon...she's 3 now!  That's how long I have been ignoring my blog...teaching myself to weave...see the big circle?

Here she is all grown up with her guardian looking over her shoulder :). Terrible pic...terrible wet spring this year!

I strayed from weaving for a bit...alpaca flowers.  Woven suri alpaca material made into a flower.

Buddha be like...

Whaaaat?  Are they horses!
Boss was only about 6 months old here.