Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everyone needs a little Sybil in their lives

Did you notice the wallpaper? Sybil aka Miss Marilyn was so kind as to help me put a wallpaper on the blog. Cool huh?
Speaking of anyone else sick of winter already? It snowed again and again and again and it is starting to interfere with my life. hhaha. It has to be pretty bad to interfere with my boring life.
First off I have been without Internet for 4 days...cuz that's how smart I am. I thought the snow filling up the satellite dish was messing up my connection. Nope it wasn't that.
Second off hubby has a terrible case of periodontal disease. He had to have all of his top teeth pulled and a few on the bottom. This was on Monday. He couldn't talk until last night. That's when he says "My card may have expired" (the one that pays the satellite people?) ahhahahaaaaa. So I was on the phone until 9:00 pm last night talking to some people down south. I say that because they reminded me of Tiffany on her video. I would giggle every time one of them would talk to me. I could listen to them talk all day long. So anyway that explains my MIA situation.
My kids started back to school on Tuesday, how is it possible that you get busier when you ship them off? They are not happy about the fact that they HAVE TO GO back to school. It is a good thing they went back...they were about to be absorbed by xbox. I can't complain too much I think I have WIIitis. I play the WII for awhile and then I can't move my arms for awhile. I have been walking around ouch...ouch...ouch. I guess that means I am overdoing it.

OK enough of my is a picture of Buddha herding cats. They said it couldn't be done.
Rollin, rollin, rollin...keep those kitties rollin
You can't see it in the first picture, but he has back up.
Herding kitties is hard work.


Soxy Deb said...

I love that she is calling herself Sybil. I think she got that from me. I am so honored.
She did nice work on your wallpaper. Was it the peel and stick kind or did she have to use the messy water/pastey stuff?
Freakin buddha is the cutest little shit ever. All he needs is a beer and a pair of pants on to put his paw down the front off and he is all set. :)

Soxy Deb said...

That should have been the front OF not the front OFF. Damn typist. I borrowed her from Georgie and she really does suck.

Janie said...

Love that Buddha!

asthmagirl said...

I'm so proud of Buddha! Cassie only manages to herd one cat at a time. Clearly she is not as accomplished as he is!

So sorry about husband's teeth. Yikes! But glad to see you back on line!

Jennifer said...

Yikes--I'm sorry about your husband's teeth!!

I love the post-cat-herding-collapse pic!!

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh that last pic is adorable!!!!!