Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh look I did it again

I seem to be right on schedule for blogging twice a year :)  
Wait till you see the total cuteness and then you will understand.

 Ok this isn't so cute but what kind of crazy weather we have had...I'm loving the green summer

This is Rendezvous 1st born this spring

 I got this guy to help out Miss Molly his name is Boss, I know he looks loveable but he is all business

This is Little Bit
                                       She's a little bit brown, a little bit black and a little bit ornery!
                                       Remember Honda Rhonda?  Well she is Miss Ornery's mom

These are alllll my new kitty's...mama was busy this spring

Sorting fleece in really dry air

Miss Mitra and her Colorado Blue....he was born with a blue tongue

Blues first day in the big blue world

Nieces and nephews

Stormy just being cute

 Blue Mesa Reservoir 4th of July

This is Corona a little ausie
And her owner, my cousin the cowboy who's legs had not seen sunshine for years until this day  :))

See you about Christmas time!!  Just kidding...I have two more cria's due still :))