Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Weather man is calling for 20 inches of snow at MY house tomorrow through Friday.  Doesn't he know I have a new driver running up and down these roads?  
                                      We shall think pretty snow thoughts and not freak out!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hawaii on my mind

I have spent all of last week weaving up some new yarn that I got.  Pretty, no?  I love this yarn.  I am thinking of nice warm beaches in Hawaii as I weave...can you see it?  :))

Saturday, January 11, 2014


So Thursday I had a Fraxel laser done on my face...I look like the walking dead
OK, my teeth aren't showing but everything else is dead on.  My little family of testosterone decide to go see a shoot em dead flick cuz mom is so scary to look at.  They are walking out the door and I start locking up behind them.
Because my pesky little land guest will be over here in 10 minutes.
And then it hits me...what if he doesn't think anyone is home?
He always comes in when I'm not home.
How do I know?
My Chihuahua is traumatized because I think my pest, The Crazy as a Shit House Rat, must kick him or some shit, while he is in here rummaging through my stuff, looking for goods that would suit him better than me.
So I come into my office where I have a full view of his trailer and the path leading to my house....and I wait...while I'm writing this post I am in full stealth mode.
Ok so my purple sweater doesn't blend in with the brown office chair THAT good but you get the idea, right?
I think it is time to have him move away.
I can't enjoy my testosterone free days with him ready to fly over at a moments notice.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Riff raff

Remember when I said the tests keep out the Riff Raff?  Well apparently, Hubby is now considered Riff Raff.  He flunked his test.  by one question.

He didn't have a book.

It was open book.


He will run take it again..when he gets his book...

We only got a couple of inches of snow, HOWEVER, it is colder than a witches tit here.

I have to find someone to make me a logo for my new company...more on that, later....when it becomes legal and common knowledge.

Cousin and I trimmed all of the alpacas toes.  I need for someone to come and take my alpacas from me.  I have never seen their toenails that long.  I feel bad now.  I did a little halter training on the 6 young ones, which went remarkably well.   That is when I learn which ones I love and which ones I don't :( This year I love them all...I didn't land on my ass once.

My babies go back to high school prison tomorrow.  I will miss my men/children being home all day.  I have the best boys in the universe!

My little neighbor got home yesterday so I don't have to feed her critters.  I love visiting her mules/asses/donkeys??  Not sure which they are but they are pretty cool.  Her iguanas/gecko/lizards freak me out.  They shed every time I house sit.  I took it personally until she told me that they do that a lot!  

I am going to feed my hay burners and freeze my **** off

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hubby's snow driving skills

Hubby just left to take his test down in Durango.  Apparently you need to take not one but two test in order to be declared competent to work in New Mexico.  It's a good thing :) Keeps out the riff raff.  

It looks like snow in our forecast.  He is going to take Red Mountain Pass.  Red Mountain Pass is one of the worst passes on this side of the continental divide.  Avalanches are a big concern right now state wide.  Why are men never afraid to drive in such crazy ass weather???  For me...cuz it's always about me...cross all of your body parts that he has a safe passage.  I am going to snuggle in after I go feed the critters...after the sun comes up :) 

For now I think I will stay under my heated blankie

Just watched the weather...4-8 inches :(