Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Monday, January 6, 2014

Riff raff

Remember when I said the tests keep out the Riff Raff?  Well apparently, Hubby is now considered Riff Raff.  He flunked his test.  by one question.

He didn't have a book.

It was open book.


He will run take it again..when he gets his book...

We only got a couple of inches of snow, HOWEVER, it is colder than a witches tit here.

I have to find someone to make me a logo for my new company...more on that, later....when it becomes legal and common knowledge.

Cousin and I trimmed all of the alpacas toes.  I need for someone to come and take my alpacas from me.  I have never seen their toenails that long.  I feel bad now.  I did a little halter training on the 6 young ones, which went remarkably well.   That is when I learn which ones I love and which ones I don't :( This year I love them all...I didn't land on my ass once.

My babies go back to high school prison tomorrow.  I will miss my men/children being home all day.  I have the best boys in the universe!

My little neighbor got home yesterday so I don't have to feed her critters.  I love visiting her mules/asses/donkeys??  Not sure which they are but they are pretty cool.  Her iguanas/gecko/lizards freak me out.  They shed every time I house sit.  I took it personally until she told me that they do that a lot!  

I am going to feed my hay burners and freeze my **** off

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