Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014 my peeps!

Here it is 6:30 at night on New Years Eve....I'm in my jammies while blogging :) I'm old, shush it!

I am taking care of my sweet little neighbors critters while she went home for the holidays...well my teenagers are taking care of them, ppppffftt....hhmmpff.  You have to walk a loooong way to check the horses water.  I turned around to go back to the barn and my knee decided it wanted us to stay out in the middle of a huge field...looking around...praying that her kinda mean donkeys would stay on the other end eating...I made it but my knee has checked out for the rest of the day....I'm over it :(

For 2014 I am gonna get my knees fixed and then I'm gonna be all better and I'm gonna kick ass and take names..about six months after the surgery...hahaha, ok so it's not funny but it will be worth it
I have been feeling so much better since seeing a new holistic doc, what?  I forgot?  Well he took me off of levothyroxine and put me on Amoure (sp?)  made me quit gluten (fixed the demons in my tummy). I'm off all dairy, soy, oatmeal and brewers yeast.  Brewers yeast is in everythingintheblesseduniverse!  I guess I eat the paleo diet...not sure because I haven't studied up on it?  I feel a whole lot better!  Until Thanksgiving rolled biscuits with butter.  Made me sicker than shit but it was worth it!  I had kinda gotten back on track and then Christmas showed up...more hot rolls...stuffing...gravy....everything I CANT HAVE!  It's New Year's Eve and by golly I promise to be good...the day after tomorrow, lol.

Happy New dear friends...
*crickets chirping*

Ok I know I left too long but ya have to talk to me someday, or not :)

I'm sad, I came back and I wasn't the only that had stopped blogging.  My dear Mrs/Miss Parks is still there but I found out via Facebook that she was in the hospital...and I still don't know why?  Sniff.  I found a blog from Miss Parks blog roll...Hidden her...I have been stalking her for about a week now.  I love her writing.  Cracks me up.  Easy to do I Know but still!

K Nite

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