Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Outcome

I loved all of your answers...I went through the same feelings one by one.
I need to clarify the story a bit more for you.
First off the little boy gets bloody noses because of dry heat not because mom hits him....(I think!) No I'm sure.
Another thing I left out. Last year little boy was in this same daycare. Mom came to get him one day...earlier than normal, only to find her son locked in a high chair because he was out of control. Yeah, you guessed it. Mom told them that she would turn them in if she ever caught them doing that again and pulled him out of that daycare. She has been through the last 2 daycare in town since then. This little 4 year old likes to get into trouble. I also tried to watch him here in my home...he shoved my cat off of the 2nd floor balcony. I hated it, but I had to ask to get out of my obligation too.
Any way mom being out of choices, she HAD to return him to this questionable daycare under a new manager (mayors wife) plus old manager (high school principals wife) in tow.
You see, I know this girl and her rotten and adorable 4 year old boy from working together in the ABC daycare, several years back. She's sweet but she will never win mom of the year, but she doesn't down right abuse her kids either.
The outcome:
The said daycare called the police on mom after she dropped off the 4 year old and explained that he got another bloody nose. She jokingly said "probably cuz I smacked him for cussing". The daycare waited for her to leave and called the police, the social services and the county sheriff. The police showed up at her house at 9 pm that night telling her that they were going to take her kids away from her. Took pictures of the 4 year old, without his clothes on. Questioned her 6 year old daughter who was molested last year by a sicko boyfriend...I said she wouldn't win mom of the year. Got the grandma went on for days...well it still goes on. At the public school where this actually happened, the teachers gave her a glowing review to the police and SS. The police dropped anything they had because they didn't have enough to go on. The social services are still involved however. The dude from SS said he was going to do everything in his power to get this in front of a judge.
So there you have it. I am leaning towards mom because I know that she has requested a psych evaluation for the terrible 4 year old and I know her mom really well and grandma keeps those kids well taken care of.
It's just one of those things where you feel sorry for the kid and you do what I did, you jump in to help, only to find out that you are not anymore capable than the mom or the daycare. I know deep down the little boy just wants attention...good or bad...however he can get it. But whatta ya do? I kissed him way too much...when I see him in the grocery store I still get mooches from him, but I can't take care of him now because now I have the almighty and wonderful Buddha. Nothing must
I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow.
It will require you to put your thinking caps on and help a sista out!


asthmagirl said...

It's a tough scenario... and I can't blame her for being a stressed mom... but I still think his face is off limits.

That's just me though...

Marilyn said...

Ugh. I hate hearing that kind of stuff.

I do love a giveaway though!!