Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm a sceeerd

I have an appointment with a tech school in the city this morning...I'm looking at medical transcription/coding classes...12 months of school!
What have I done?
I'm already thinking of reason's why not.
My sister, who works in *the* hospital in the city did tell me that medical coders make at least $20 an hour. That put a little skip in my step, and then she told me that the radiology department got rid of all of their transcribers and replaced them with computers.
There went the little skip.
What if Deb and I do all of this work only to be replaced by a dang ole computer that won't even tell the cute doc's "good morning, hottie"?
I have a ton of questions for the poor poor lady that will be helping me today.
OK I'm off to tame the mane...that's a good enough reason to work from home...I have Medusa hair on a good day...everyday is a bad hair day.


Venom said...

I know what you mean! Sometimes I think about working a paying job again, but no sooner do I see something than I start making a list of why not to go forward...

The first step is the hardest, you go girl! Best of luck!

Ronda's Rants said...

Good luck! Keep on keeping on! One step in front of the other...I will think of you today and ask God to give you wisdom! :)

Dawn said...

My mom did medical transcribing for the past couple of years after retiring from teaching.

In this area (Tulsa) it isn't easy unless you have someone that has some in's.

She did enjoy it mostly though. And, sometimes you can even get jobs that you can do from home which is super.

She worked for a mental health facility in Claremore.

Just ask all the questions and then you can make a more informed decision! But, I think it would be something you'd enjoy. =) Best Wishes!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I wonder if the tech school has stats on post-graduate job placement, it should be part of what they do for you.

Way back in the olden days I went to a tech school for my LPN. NOBODY thought to ask what an LPN made until we were eight months into the class. $6.10 an hour. Or as our instructor told us, "You could make more in tips bagging groceries."

♥georgie♥ said...

I am LOL@ the medussa hair comment!!!! I have medussa hair...

you go girl...
love the new background

Soxy Deb said...

There is always that danger of being replaced sweetie, but I've been laid off forever so I feel like I've looked danger in the eyes and can take anything now.
I think I may want to work for a group of doctors or something, not a hospital. They may not have as much moolah to go the computer route.
**Fingers crossed**

Z's Mom said...

Good luck! I used to do that for a small doctor's office when I was in high school.

I do know that some of these jobs are being outsourced to other countries.....but what job isn't these days, right?

I'm jealous....I want someone to play with my mane!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

You are going to do great!! Give me an update!!!

amelia bedelia said...

I think that is great!! Good luck to you. Keep us all updated!

asthmagirl said...

You're gonna kick butt cupcake! I can't wait for you to report back!

Mrs Parks said...

I am SO proud of YOU!
You are really brave to do this and I admire you for taking the step.
I'm excited to see how "we" do!

I still think phone sex lady was a good idea and maybe something you could fall back on during your studies :)

dana wyzard said...

I so adored the job I "had" that I keep wishing I could go back in time and just give my boss the kind of ass kicking he was threatening ME with and just try and survive until he (or I) died.

I occasionally yearn for another job so that I can feel useful, but the minute I realize I'd be in a position of "being judged" if I'm 'worthy' of whatever low paying job I'm applying for, I just sit down, sigh, and grab my laptop.