Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Friday, December 17, 2010

Try this one again

OK so it's been almost a year...I am turning over a new leaf 14 days early :)  You know I can't do anything by the book or normal or on time.
It has been kind of a rough year for us on the mountain. 
Aunt Rita passed away October 4th 2009 and so soon after dad's passing, it threw me into some kind of weird tail spin.  So so sad.  I just want to pick up the phone and call her...all the time. 
Anyway this year has continued to be full of some of the same.  I had to put Sammy down in October of this year. RIP buddy, I will miss you forever!
I had an alpaca get mauled by two huskies on Thanksgiving day this year...poor guy hadn't even made it to the blog yet.  His name was Kace and he was my up and coming "Oh my God!" full accoyo herd sire.  He was as sweet as they make alpacas. 
Yesterday I go out to feed the boys and notice something is wrong with Buccaneer's eye...He hit his eye so hard on something that the lens popped out, the cornea is in the bottom of his eye and the lens was sitting in his fleece??  Gross, Gross, Gross.  Off to the vet an hour away.  We don't know if he will be blind but we do know that without the lens he won't be able to focus.  My second herd sire!

I have Tibbs still and he is producing crias finally.  Mokey was born late last summer and she is a looker!!  We named her after the Mokey Wall in Lake Powell.  She is a beautiful copper color.

Then there is Landslide who was shone and won 3rd place in a pretty big show (Fall Fest in Loveland Colorado).  Thanks to Linda...the sweetest alpaca expert in the universe!   I bought him from her and she so graciously offered to show him for me.  He is also an ooooh la la alpaca.  He is as black as black can be and just as shiny as a new born cria.  Thankfully on Thanksgiving day he was at Linda's house...he would have been mauled happened in his pen.

That is all I have left for herd sires.  I am looking at a five year old, full accoyo herd sire in Oregon that is priced to sell.  I think he will do nicely in my program.

OK that is enough sadness...I need a priest to come and bless this mess!!
Next year has got to be better, Right?

I am expecting 5 new crias this summer, cross your fingers for me!  I will post again before that...I'm sure of it :)

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