Princess Ditto

Princess Ditto

Friday, February 27, 2009

Am I being punked?

I got these pictures in an email this morning, do they look real to you?

Cuz if they are, they should be on the Today Show or whatever show, cool and unusual elk would be on?

Hubby and I are/have been avid hunters for years and I've seen one albino elk in my 43 years of playing out in the woods. I don't hunt anymore but my hubby is...well a fanatic. These two gringo elk were spotted not to far from where hubby hunts.

I think they should move...soon.

Can you see the normal elk in between the 2 white ones?

They are pretty aren't they?
Other news from my neck of the woods.
It's a sad day.
The newspaper called the "Rocky Mountain News" is shutting down. I loved that news paper. They put it together so you could read it like a book...I know I'm a dork.
It was the largest newspaper in Colorado and it will be dearly missed.


Ronda's Rants said...

They are beautiful...
It is sad what's happening to newspapers around this country!
These times are a changin'!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Chanting "it's got to get better, it's got to get better" a la Obama.

Soxy Deb said...

Good lord they are gorgeous.
The written word is slowly disappearing. I for one read all my news on the internet or watch CNN. It's sad though, very sad.

Mrs Parks said...

I think I'll go start crocheting them camouflage sweaters!

asthmagirl said...

I'm clueless on the elk.

It is sad about the newspaper. I'm part of the problem though as I read my local paper online. I would probably pay to do so though. I hate the printed one... all that recycling. It's so much work.

amelia bedelia said...

My gosh, beautiful! I am showing my hubby. He will be very impressed.

Dee from Downunder said...

I agree, those elk should move.. fast!
Would be a shame for them to be a trophy

dana wyzard said...

PLEEEEZE tell me you wouldn't shoot one of those majestic creatures!

I'm waiting. . . . .

Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful--I'm very intrigued w/ albino animals! My husband used to see an albino crow on our street all the time!

preTzel said...

Gorgeous elk. I have not hunted since I was a young girl living on the farm. I just can not bring myself to do it. So many family members have died by a gun so I refuse to have them in my home.

I was sad to hear about the RMN as well. :(